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Papers of Edgar Hunt



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DM2609/Box 1

Programmes for concerts in Bristol, London, and Glastonbury


DM2609/Box 2

Programmes for concerts in Bristol


DM2609/Box 3

Programmes for concerts by Bristol Schools and concerts in the Colston Hall, Bristol


DM2609/Box 4

Books and photographs


DM2609/Box 5

Organ music with markings by Albert Schweitzer; papers of the Bristol Bach Society, Bach Choir, and Bach Festival


DM2609/Box 6

Miscellaneous: programmes, press cuttings, flyers

20th century

DM2609/Box 7

Programmes, pamphlets, notebooks


DM2609/Box 8

Published volume of compositions by Robert Lucas Pearsall; scrapbook of articles by Pearsall; bound volume of printed glees and madrigals


DM2609/Box 9

Letters, articles, and press cuttings associated with Robert Lucas Pearsall and Philippa Swinnerton Hughes


DM2609/Box 10

Articles about Robert Lucas Pearsall; songs by Pearsall; Bristol Philharmonic Society programmes


DM2609/Box 11

Music by Robert Lucas Pearsall


DM2609/Box 12

Scores and sheet music, mostly by Robert Lucas Pearsall


DM2609/Box 13

Scores and sheet music, mostly by Robert Lucas Pearsall


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