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DM668 Collection Papers of the National Liberal Club and papers relating to Liberal Politics
DM668/2 Series Election Address Collection
Repository University of Bristol Library Special Collections
Level Item
Ref No DM668/2/4
Title General Election 1918: Election Addresses: England
Date 1918, 1919
Extent 1 large volume
Description General Election 1918: Election Addresses

The election leaflets have been conserved and rebound in a modern album, whilst in the custody of the University of Bristol Special Collections.
Please note that these are in the order they are pasted in the volume.

The election was held on Saturday 14 December 1918. This was the first General Election where women over 30 who met a property qualification could vote, and where women could stand as MPs. All men over 21 could vote. 5 female candidates are present in this volume. Many candidates address male and female voters. Because it is not easy to quickly work out which party each candidate stood for, for speed this has not necessarily been noted.

This volume only covers constituencies in England, except for Glasgow (Bridgeton): Non-Party Candidate: Miss Eunice C. Murray, 1 leaflet (photocopy only) [Woman candidate].

There are two candidates for a by-election in February 1919 in West Leyton
Essex (Colchester): Labour Party: Capt. Reiss, possibly candidate for the 1923 election

Bath: Coalition Candidate: Capt. C.T. Foxcroft
Bath: Labour Party: Alfred J. Bethell

Rotherhithe (Bermondsey): Coalition: John Lort-Williams, 2 leaflets
Rotherhithe (Bermondsey): Liberal Party, H.W. Carr-Gomm
Rotherhithe (Bermondsey): Labour Party, Will Godfrey
Bermondsey: Party unclear: Labour?, Harold J. Glanville, 4 leaflets (3 are the same leaflet)
Bermondsey West: Coalition Candidate: C.R. Scriven
Bermondsey West: Labour Party: Dr Alfred Salter JP
Bermondsey West: Silver Badge Candidate, Harry Becker

Birmingham (Deritend): Party not clear: Arthur Brampton
Birmingham (Duddeston): Liberal and Labour Candidate: Dr. J.F. Crowley
Birmingham (Edgbaston): Liberal: John Barnsley
Birmingham (Erdington): Party not clear: Raglan Somerset
Birmingham (King's Norton): Liberal Party: Norman Birkett

Birmingham (Ladywood): Party not clear: Margery J Corbett Ashby [Woman candidate]

Birmingham (Moseley): Coalition Candidate: Wilfrid Hill
Birmingham (Sparkbrook): Liberal Party?: John G. Hurst
Birmingham (Yardley): Liberal Party: George Jackson

Bristol East: Liberal Party: Sir Charles Hobhouse
Bristol North: Liberal and Coalition Candidate: E. Stanley Gange
Bristol South: Coalition Candidate: W. Howell Davies, 2 leaflets including one to the absent voters (presumably the forces)

Dulwich (Camberwell): Coalition Candidate: Fred Hall
Dulwich (Camberwell): Independent Liberal: J.R. Cooke-Taylor
Camberwell North: Liberal and Labour: George Hearn
Camberwell North: supporting Lloyd George: Captain H. Newton Knights, 2 leaflets
Camberwell North: Labour: Chas. G. Annison
Camberwell North-West: Unionist Party: Guy Radford, mentions equal pay for equal work for both sexes
Camberwell North-West: Coalition Candidate: [I.J.?] Macnamara
Camberwell Peckham: Coalition Candidate: Albion H. Richardson

Chelsea: Independent Candiate (linked to the National Federation of Women Teachers): Emily Phipps, 2 leaflets (one addressed specifically at women electors) [Woman candidate]

Chelsea: Party not clear: Sir Samuel Hoare
Cheltenham: Liberal coalition Candidate: Dr. Davies

Deptford: Party not clear: C.W. Bowerman
Deptford: Silver Badge Candidate: Mr. F.A. Rumsey
Deptford: Coaltion Candidate: John Theodore Prestige

Derby (County Borough): Liberal Coalition Candidate: W. Blews Robotham
Derby (Belper): Party not clear: John George Hancock
Derby (Clay Cross): Liberal Party?: Thomas T. Broad
Derby (Ilkeston): Party not clear: John Edward Bernard Seely
Derby (South Derbyshire): Coalition Candidate: H. Holman Gregory
Derby (West Derbyshire): Party not clear: Chas. F. White, 2 leaflets

Dorset (Eastern Division): Lloyd George Candidate: Frederick Guest
Dorset (South): Labour Party: Brette Morgan
Dorset (South): Coalition Candidate: Angus V. Hambro (women are advised to vote in the daylight)

Ealing: Labour Party: Alfred Hugh Chilton
Ealing: Coalition Candidate: Herbert Nield
East Ham (North): Party not clear: William Mann
East Ham (North): Liberal Coalition Candidate: John Bethell
East Ham (South): Party not clear: R.F. Frank Hamlett
East Ham (South): Coalition candidate: A. Clement Edwards
Edmonton: Unionist Candidate: A.H. Warren
Edmonton: Labour Party: Henry Barrass
Edmonton: Liberal and Housing Reform Candidate: Henry Vivian
Essex (Colchester): Labour Party: Capt. Reiss, possibly candidate for the 1923 election

Finsbury: Unionist Party: Martin Archer-Shee
Fulham (East): Party not clear: Colonel Sir Henry Norris
Finsbury: Liberal and Labour Candidate: H.E.A. Cotton
Fulham (West): Liberal Party: H.G. Fordham
Fulham (East): Party not clear: David Cook

Glasgow (Bridgeton): Non-Party Candidate: Miss Eunice C. Murray, 1 leaflet (photocopy only) [Woman candidate]

Gloucester: Liberal Party: Thomas H. Mordey
Gloucester: Coalition Candidate: James Bruton
Gloucester: Labour Party: W.L. Edwards
Gloucester (Cirencester and Tewkesbury): Agricultural and Labour Candidate: Joseph Herbert Alpass
Gloucester (Forest of Dean): Party not clear: Sir Henry Webb
Gloucester (Forest of Dean): Dean Forest Mercury, 6 December 1918: articles on James Wignall and Henry Webb (very fragile)
Gloucester (Stroud): Coalition Candidate: R.A. Lister
Gloucester (Thornbury): Liberal Coalition Candidate: Athelstan Rendall
Greenwich: Labour Party: James Bermingham
Greenwich: Coalition Candidate: J. Hamilton Benn

Hackney (North): Coalition Candidate: Raymond Greene
Hackney (Central): Liberal Coalition Candidate: William J.U. Woolcock
Hackney (South): Liberal Coalition Candidate: Arthur Henri
Hackney (North): Liberal Radical and Labour Candidate: Lieut Wright Burrows
Hammersmith (North): Coalition Candidate: Henry Foreman
Hammersmith (North): Liberal Coalition Candidate: Ernest Young, 2 leaflets
Herefordshire (Leominster): Party not clear: Edmund Lamb
Hampstead: Party not clear: John H. Wrentmore
Hertfordshire (Watford): Labour Party: George Latham
Hertfordshire (Watford): Coalition Candidate: Dennis Herbert
Hertfordshire (Watford): Liberal Party: Frank Gray
Holborn: Coalition Candidate: Colonel Sir James Remnant
Holborn: Independent Coalition Alert Candidate/Business "Watchdog" Candidate: J.H. Worrall

Ilford: Labour Party: Herbert Dunnico, 2 leaflets
Islington (East): Party not clear: Edward Smallwood
Ilford: Liberal Party: T.H. Garside

Hammersmith (South): Liberal Party: T. Atholl Robertson
Hampstead: Labour Party: B. Skene MacKay

Islington (East): Coalition Candidate: A. Baldwin Raper
Islington (East): Labour Party: Major A.J. Lewer
Islington (East): National Party Candidate: C.E. Copplestone
Islington (East): Party not clear: Frederick Alfred Wickhart
Islington (North): Coalition Candidate: Sir Newton J. Moore
Islington (North): Labour Party: John Arnall
Islington (North): Liberal Party: Norman Sargant
Islington (South): Party not clear: Thomas Wiles
Islington (West): Coalition Candidate: George S. Elliott
Islington (West): Liberal and Labour Candidate: Thomas Lough
Islington (West): Silver Badge Candidate (Ex. soldier): E. Miles Taylor, 2 leaflets
Islington (West): Labour Party: J.T. Sheppard
Islington (North): Coalition Candidate: Alan H. Burgoyne

Kensington (North): Labour Party: W.J. Jarrett
Kensington (South): Party not clear: Brigadier General Ernest Makins
Kensington (South): Coalition Candidate: William H. Davison

Lambeth (Brixton): Liberal Party: Horace Norton
Lambeth (Brixton): Coalition Candidate: Davison Dalziel
Lambeth (North): Liberal Radical and Discharged Soldiers' Candidate: Frank Briant
Lambeth (North): Coalition Candidate: William Henry Houghton Castrell
[possibly a Lambeth candidate]: Dawes 'Vote again for Dawes'

Leicestershire (Bosworth): Coalition Candidate: Henry D. McLaren
Leicester (East): Party not clear: Gordon Hewart
Loughborough: Coalition Candidate: Oscar Guest
Leicester (Harborough): Coalition Candidate: Percy A. Harris
Lewisham (East): Coalition Candidate: Lieut.-Colonel Assheton Pownall
Lewisham (West): Party not clear: Edward F. Coates
Leyton (East): Labour Party: William Carter
Leyton (East): Coalition Candidate: Cecil L'Estrange Malone
Leyton (West): Coalition Candidate: H. Wrightson
Leyton (East): Party not clear: E.E. Alexander
Leyton (East): Party not clear: A.E. Newbould

University of London Constituency: Party not clear: Sir Wilmot Herringham
University of London Constituency: Party not clear: Charles L. Nordon

London (Marylebone): Party not clear: Sir Samuel Scott
London (Finchley, Middlesex): Party not clear: Walter E. Martin
London (Hendon): Labour Party: Frank Bailey
London (Hendon): Coalition Candidate: Major Lloyd-Greame, 3 leaflets
London (Wood Green): Coalition Candidate: Godfrey Locker Lampson

London (Hendon): Progressive Independent candidate: Mrs Edith How Martyn, 1 leaflet [Woman candidate]

London (Wood Green and Southgate): Independent Liberal Candidate: H. Bond Holding
London (Wood Green and Southgate): Labour Party: H. Tudor Rhys

Northamptonshire (Kettering): Liberal Party: Lieut. Leland Buxton
Northampton (Borough): Party not clear: Charles A. McCurdy
Northamptonshire (Wellingborough): Coalition Candidate: Milner Gray

Nottinghamshire (Mansfield): Liberal Party: Violet Markham [Woman candidate]

Nottinghamshire (Rushcliffe): Liberal Party: Lief Jones

Paddington (North): Coalition Candidate: W.G. Perring
Paddington (North): Silver Badge Candidate: Lt. Col. E.P. Barry
Paddington (North): Liberal Party: Leonard Benjamin Franklin, 2 leaflets
St. Pancras (North): Coalition Candidate: J.W. Lorden

Bow and Bromley: Liberal Party: Mark Dalton
St. Pancras (North): Party not clear: Sir W.H. Dickinson, 2 leaflets
St. Pancras (South East): Coalition Candidate: Percy Adams
Shoreditch: Party not clear: Tom Warwick
Shropshire (Wrekin): Coalition Candidate: Charles S. Henry
Somerset (Bridgwater): Coalition Candidate: R.A. Sanders, 2 leaflets
Somerset (Frome): Party not clear: John E. Barlow
Shoreditch: Coalition Candidate: Christopher Addison, 2 leaflets
St. Pancras (South East): Liberal and Labour Candidate: Lieut. Richard L. Reiss
Shoreditch: Party not clear: R.S. Sievier
Shoreditch: Party not clear: Henry George Chancellor
Somerset (Taunton): Party not clear: Dennis F. Boles
Somerset (Taunton): Labour Party: George Saville Woods

Paddington (South): Party not clear: Sir Henry Percy Harris
Bow and Bromley: Party not clear: Major Reginald Blair
Somerset (Wells): Liberal-Labour Candidate: J. Coleby Morland
Somerset (Wells): Coalition Candidate: Harry Greer
Somerset (Wells): National Party Candidate: Major G.C.S. Hodgson,
Somerset (Weston-super-Mare): Liberal Coalition Candidate: Edmund Heathcoate Thruston, 3 leaflets
Somerset (Weston-super-Mare): Coalition (Conservative) Candidate: Gilbert A.H. Wills
Somerset (Yeovil): Coalition Candidate: James R. Brough, 2 leaflets

Southwark (Central) (formerly West Newington): Liberal and Coalition Candidate: J.D. Gilbert, 2 leaflets
Southwark (South East) (formerly Walworth): Liberal and Coalition Candidate: Commander J.A. Dawes
Southwark (South East) (formerly Walworth): Labour Party: T.E. Naylor

Staffordshire (Cannock): Liberal Party: Sir R. Beddoe Rees
Staffordshire (Leek): Liberal Coalition Candidate: Guy R. Gaunt
Staffordshire (Lichfield): Coalition Candidate: T. Courtenay T. Warner
Staffordshire (Stone): Party not clear: George Townsend
Staffordshire (Stafford): Liberal Party: Walter Meakin

Stepney (Limehouse): Coalition Candidate: Sir William Pearce
Stepney (Limehouse): Labour Party: Captain D.D. Sheehan
Stepney (Limehouse): Party not clear (National Party?): Charles H. Rodwell, 2 leaflets
Stepney (Mile End): Coalition Candidate: Walter Preston
Stepney (Mile End): Labour Party: W. Devenay
Stepney (Mile End): Liberal Labour Coalition: Charles J.O. Sanders
Stepney (Whitechapel and St George's): Labour Party: Robert Ambrose
Stepney (Whitechapel and St. George's): Party not clear: James D. Kiley
Stepney (Whitechapel and St. George's): Independent Candidate: John Raphael
Stepney (Whitechapel and St. George's): Coalition Candidate: George A. Cohen

Stoke Newington: Independent Coalition Candidate: H.J. Ormond
Stoke Newington: Official Coalition Candidate: G.W.H. Jones
Stoke Newington: Party not clear: Percy Holt Heffer

Burslem and Tunstall: Liberal (Coalition) Candidate: Sir Richard Walter Essex

Tottenham (North): Coalition Candidate: W.H. Prescott
Tottenham (North): Liberal Party: Percy Alden
Tottenham (South): Democratic, Labour and Coalition Candidate: A.E.Harvey
Tottenham (South): Labour Party: Sir Leo Chiozza Money
Tottenham (South): National Federation of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers: A.E. Jay

Walsall: Party not clear: W.H. Brown
Walthamstow (West): Labour Party: Valentine La Touche McEntee
Walthamstow (West): Liberal and Radical Candidate: Sir John Simon
Walthamstow (West): Party not clear: Emslie John Horniman

Balham and Tooting: Coalition Candidate: Captain J.C. Denison-Pender
Balham and Tooting: Independent Democratic Candidate: A.J. Hurley
Balham and Tooting: Labour Party: Frank Smith
Balham and Tooting: Captain Maxwell Anderson: Liberal Radical and Labour Association
Balham and Tooting: Coaltion Candidate: Alderman William Hunt

Wandsworth (Central): Unionist Coalition Candidate: Sir John Norton-Griffiths
Wandsworth (Central): Labour Party: George Pearce Blizard
Wandsworth (Central): Coalition Liberal Candidate: C.H.C. Guest, 2 leaflets

Clapham: Coalition Candidate: Sir Arthur Du Cros
Clapham: Party not clear: Lieut. William J. Harvey
Clapham: Liberal Party: P.H. Thomas
Clapham: Silver Badge Candidate: Henry Hamilton Beamish

Wandsworth (Putney): Party not clear: J.G. Jenkins, 2 leaflets
Wandsworth (Putney): Coalition Candiate: Samuel Samuel

Warwickshire (Nuneaton): Party not clear: W.H. Grant: 2 leaflets
Wandsworth (Streatham): Liberal and Radical Candidate: John A. Compston, 2 leaflets
Wednesbury, Tipton and Darlaston: Liberal Party: R.L.G. Simpson
Rugby: Liberal and Progressive Candidate: O.F. Maclagan

Westminster (Abbey): Coalition Candidate: W. Burdett-Coutts
Westminster (St. George Hanover Square): Coalition Candidate: Walter H. Long
Westminster (St George): Democrat Candidate: Mackenzie Bell
Willesden (East): Coalition Candidate: Malaby Deeley
Willesden (East): Party not clear: Herbert Doree
Willesden (East): Labour Party: H.J. Lincoln
Willesden (West): Party not clear: John S. Crone
Willesden (West): Coalition Candiate: Charles Pinkham (women should vote in the daytime)

Wiltshire (Chippenham): Party not clear: A.J. Bennett
Wiltshire (Chippenham): Coalition Candidate: George Terrell
Wiltshire (Salisbury): Unionist Party: Hugh Morrison
Wiltshire (Salisbury): Liberal Party: Lieut. E. Brown
Wiltshire (Devizes): Liberal Party: James Currie
Wiltshire (Devizes): Coalition Candiate: W.C. Heward Bell
Wiltshire (Swindon): Coalition Candidate: Sir Frederick Young
Wiltshire (Swindon): Party not clear: Harry Walker
Wiltshire (West/Westbury): Party not clear: G. Ll. Palmer
Wiltshire (Westbury): Liberal Party: Geoffrey Howard

By-election, February 1919: West Leyton
West Leyton: Party not clear: James Francis Mason. Note that this is a by-election held in February 1919, following the death of the MP Lieut.-Colonel Wrightson
West Leyton: Liberal Party: A.E. Newbould. Note that this is a by-election held in February 1919, following the death of the MP Lieut.-Colonel Wrightson

Wolverhampton (East): Party not clear: George R. Thorne
Worcester (City): Party not clear: Richard N. Fairbairn, 2 leaflets
Worcestershire (Evesham): Liberal Party: W. Pearce Ellis. 2 leaflets
Worcestershire (Stourbridge): Liberal Party: J.W. Wilson, 2 leaflets

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